Meet Elmer – A Fellow Mind Mapper
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April 27, 2017

We found Elmer’s motivating Mind Maps on Google+ and invited him to do a guest blog post. We love stories like Elmer’s that showcase unique ways Mind Maps help make information memorable and meaningful.

  • Name: Elmer Tranquilino Jr.
  • Age: 23
  • Location: Philippines
  • Interests: Diagrams, Mind maps, Graphic designs, Psychology, Life Purpose

Can you tell us a little about your background and where you’re from?

I am a self-taught artist. I am a qualified civil engineer and have worked for two years, but I changed my career to graphic designing. Right now, I am more into freelancing as graphic designer specializing in infographics which looks similar to mind maps.

How did you get an interest in mind mapping?

It was first introduced to me by a close relative of mine back when I was in college. I was not that fascinated about this field yet. But I got interested in it when I saw people doing a “traditional” version of mind maps like in movies and different people. What I mean by traditional is the use of the usual pin board, with pictures and notes pinned on it and they were all connected with strings of yarn.

A good example I knew was in the TV series “Sherlock”, a fictional detective solving crimes in London. I am a big fan of him. Sherlock has a habit of brainstorming with the aid of pictures and strings pinned on the wall on his flat. And most of the times, he has made his maps on his own mind. He just need to recall them and access his “mind palace.” I love this and I am always amazed how he’s able to deduct connections of things and people involved in solving crimes.

Another thing that pushed me to make my own mind maps were the books about mind maps I have read. It is interesting to know how early people make use of “mind maps” although the term itself was not used yet. Just take Charles Darwin’s sketches as an example when he was studying about genealogy.

What benefit did you get from mind mapping?

Mind maps helped me in studying back in my college days. It helped me organize loads of information, collecting and putting them together. My notebooks that time were drawn with lines, symbols and arrows and it was like an art for me.

How do you think it could benefit others?

I believe mind maps are meant to be displayed. Something that we need to see and stare at for a couple of times.

A good book can be mind mapped. A good lecture can be mapped too. And also with a person’s timeline, our own future plans, our own vision or any good topic you want. Imagine how powerful it is if we could record them visually and fit it into a single page? I can see a lot of potentials with these.




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